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DVM, located at Harjumaa, Estonia


    Dr. Claudia Casagrande graduated from Estonian University of Life Sciences in 2022. During 5th year of studies she worked as a municipal veterinarian in Kiuruvesi, Finland. In her final year she had an opportunity to work with Laura Niemelä as part of practical training.
    After graduation she completed a 6-month internship @equitom_equine_clinic in Belgium, gaining valuable experience across all fields of equine medicine from top veterinarians. Her main interest lie in equine orthopaedics and overall sport horse performance optimization, including internal medicine. She also enjoys ambulatory practice and emergencies. Being in the beginning of her veterinary career, she’s open minded and eager to keep evolving. The goal is to start ISELP courses and specialize in orthopaedics and sports medicine.
    During free time she enjoys going to the gym and competing in weightlifting at a national level, and occasionally riding horses.


    +372 54 66 05 46

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