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DVM, located at Pirkanmaa, Finland


    Dr. Anni Koskinen is a passionate veterinarian who has dedicated her career to providing top-notch care for horses. After graduating from the Estonian University of Life Sciences in 2015, Anni went on to work as a municipal vet, gaining invaluable experience in mixed practice, working with horses, small animals and farm animals across multiple locations in Finland. In 2022, she took the leap and joined Becvet, where she now focuses solely on horses.
    Anni’s love for horses dates back to her childhood, and throughout her life she has spent most of her free time at the stables. Her equestrian pursuits have included owning multiple horses and competing in show jumping. Anni is accompanied by trusty Labrador retriever, Elma.
    Driven by her passion for equine health and welfare, Anni is committed to advancing her expertise. Her next step is to train in orthopedics and sport horses, further solidifying her reputation as a dedicated and knowledgeable veterinarian in her field. Anni is based in Tampere area.


    +358 40 506 49 00

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