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Veterinary assistent, located at Harjumaa, Estonia


    Anni is our go to person in Estonia - you contact her first if you have any questions or want to book an appointment.
    She is from Tallinn and resides there now as well. Graduated Tallinn University’s Institute of Health Sciences and Sports in 2013, where she got her bachelor’s degree in physical education. Horses have been in her life from a very young age.
    She has always been interested in a horse as a whole. In 2018 she got the opportunity to work with dr. Laura Niemelä as an assistant. From there on it involved into organizing the appointments, communicating with the clients and so on. Her main interest is rehabilitation of a horse. If they do get injured, how to get them back in form within optimal time and with least risk of reoccurring problems.
    She has 3 horses and lovely dog. She’s riding and competing at an international level, mostly young horses. Also training students.

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